Workshop: A graph processing atelier

Organized by Pere Urbón

Still room for 3 people


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Big Data might be a buzzword, because to be honest we all want to do it, but not all of us are really doing it. Although what this hipe gave us is the sense that we must keep an eye on our data, that we can do a lot more if we take a close look to hole picture.

We plan to introduce you to the graph processing techniques and tools available nowadays. Graph might be a very handy tool that can solve some of your problems and within this workshop we plan to drive you to a complete overview of different situations that will provide you with the bases necessary to move on in the topic.

Important information:

Duration: 2h


  • Dealing with Data, SQL vs NoSQL?. (1h aprox)
    • How to power your graph
    • Graph Databases.
    • Graph Processing frameworks.
    • Walking the graph.
      • With the neo4jrb as special guest.
    • Use cases:
      • Recommendations.
      • Link analysis.
      • Fraud detection
      • Social analytics.
  • Down to the trenches. (The rest and as much as we can/want, bring your laptop!)

If you have questions or requirements prior to the workshop feel free to ask them at


Bring your laptop where you're able to install and code with JRuby and for the most intrepid ones also install a Hadoop distribution.

Fri, 1.8 — 09:30
Fri, 1.8 — 12:30
Seminar EG 40